Greyhound Racing: Dear Tucson Greyhound Park Kennel Operators

Dear Tucson Greyhound Park Kennel Operators,

You know who you are.

First of all whatever carrot may have been dangled in front of your faces to  entice you to stay  – – –  there was never any slots bill. NEVER ANY SLOTS BILL OR RACINO BILL LEGISLATION.  Not this last session anyway.

Indian gaming revenues are up and really, is there any way anyone in their right mind and that includes the legislators are going to give up a sure thing for a WTF maybe pie-in-the-sky pipe dream?

For a short while there were rumors at TGP that racino legislation was sitting on Governor Brewer’s desk. Alas, that was a outlandish rumor.

It never happened.

Don’t believe everything you hear down there.

Governor Brewer did sign SB 1273 on May 9, 2012, which was initiated by the owners of Tucson Greyhound Park for the second year in a row.  This year the legislators’ votes were overwhelmingly in favor of decoupling. The Florida millionaires paid lobbyists to help push this bill through.

For one short New York minute, we were on the same side.

So Tucson kennel operators do you live below the poverty level in substandard living conditions and give a big chunk of your winnings back to TGP? Do you want to think about how your contributions to the owners of TGP are serving you?

The first thing SB 1273 does is it allows Tucson Greyhound Park AND Turf Paradise to only have live racing for 100 days a year. Apparently, they make more money from simulcasting other races than from your blood, sweat, and working odd hours. This is what SB 1273 is all about. And it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with you.

And whatever you do – watch your back as the media will be watching you and the dogs. Count on it!

4 Responses to “Greyhound Racing: Dear Tucson Greyhound Park Kennel Operators”

  1. Time to start looking for a new line of work. You kennel operators were only pawns in the game.

  2. so when does this bill take action??

  3. Well written article. Culture and nature is also putting an end to dog racing. You don’t see young people at the track. The circle of life will help to end dog racing and you can’t stop nature, way to powerful.

  4. Although we come from two different perspectives, I can see some real oomph on this blog post. Did this bill end up passing? …Interested.