Tucson greyhound raced 244 times, still racing

Tonight in South Tucson, a female greyhound named CDC Make Me Stop, who was on the 2008 injury list (10/10/08 listed as lame) — is still racing. Tonight in South Tucson at the Tucson Greyhound Park, this greyhound  will be racing her 245th race. Is this considered animal cruelty?

She is 5 1/2 years old.

That sucks.

This hound should be running to the couch not around a track where dogs break their legs, their hocks, their pelvis, suffer paralysis, cardiac arrest, and other life-threatening injuries.

Are there no regulations for how long racing greyhounds can race?

Apparently not  in Arizona. Apparently not in South Tucson where greyhound racing gives the region a black mark.

While other dog tracks may have different and better standards, here in South Tucson where on average, 24 dogs race every single day on ONLY 2 days rest.

Is this considered animal cruelty?

CDC Make Me Stop’s owner is Debra Chitwood.

Dear Ms. Chitwood:

It is time to make CDC stop racing and allow her to be adopted and become someone’s pet. She more than deserves it.

To watch an undercover video investigation about TGP, go here.


2 Responses to “Tucson greyhound raced 244 times, still racing”

  1. The poor dogs name is ironic…as the owner needs to let a good dog retire and enjoy the rest of her life. Someone should make her stop. Dogs racing past the age of 5 sounds like the Guam track where they would run them till they could run no more. Hounds that were 8 years or more still running for their lives.

  2. I have written to Tuscon Greyhound park several times concerning the older dogs that are still running. Their response is “they only race Greyhounds that enjoy racing”.What a joke. I own adopted Greyhounds and have first hand seen the condition these animals are in after their racing life has completed.There internal injuries due to the horrific falls are masked at first. These owners, such as Debra Chitwood should be arested for the duration they have kept an inocent animal locked in a cage 23 out of 24 hours a day vs. running a back yard and enjoing it’s life as a dog should. I wonder which is more human, CDC MAKE ME STOP or it’s owner.

    Ted Johns
    Waterford Ct