Update: Tucson greyhound racing, they all fall down

On March 13, 2011 I wrote a blog post called titled: Tucson greyhound racing and they all fall down.

Recently, I received a private email saying, “RD’s Sue Floss – went to a foster home in Tempe, AZ in Oct 2011. On Feb 3rd 2012 RD’s Sue Floss (Suzy) went to her Forever home. She is a great hound we are so very happy we found her!”


“GPA AZ is the organization that fostered RD’s Sue Floss for almost 5 months and made her available to us – Thank You GPA AZ!”

I like getting good news. Occasionally, adopters will google their dog’s racing names and send me private messages and/or post public comments. I am thrilled to hear from them.

So glad the RD’s Sue Floss found her Forever Home but I wondered what about the other dogs that were mentioned in that blog post more than a year ago?

SUPAH REALLA – last race 10/15/11 – where is this dog?

ROCKWELL RUMBLE – last race 2/10/12 – where is this dog?

KOYOTE QUEST – pulled up 8/24/11 – where is this dog?

CDC SURE BET – last race 8/12/11 – where is this dog?

SERENA AZ LYANNA – last race 7/12/11 – where is this dog?

SULLIVAN LAKE – last race 6/07/11 – where is this dog?

ZOOMN SUZY – adopted

CDC PACER – last race 3/17/12 – Is this dog still racing or not?

AC GALAXY NIMITZ – last race 12/17/11 – where is this dog?

KEEP UP THE FIRE – last race 8/17/11 – What happened to this dog?

SICILIAN SAL – pulled up 3/04/11 – On Friday, March 4, 2011, Sicilian Sal pulled up approaching the first turn); he came in 8th, off the clock that was his 186th race.  How is Sicilian Sal and where is he?
Kennel:  Gray            Owner:  unknown

RAMS SAY GOODBYE – still racing
On March  9, 2011 – Rams Say Goodbye tumbled in the 1st turn and was run over.  She came in last, off the clock. But, she raced again on Saturday, March 12, 2011, where she came in last.  It was her 31st race.

Track record notes for some of her races:
“trouble 1st turn”, “collided 1st turn”, “bumped 1st turn” twice, and “hit rail front stretch”
Kennel:    Gray            Owner:  Pharrams

Rams Say Goodbye is still racing! She has now raced more than 100 races.

YANNIS BELICHICK – last race 12/28/11 (206 races) – Where is this dog?

KIOWA HERO HEART – last race 2/23/12 – Where is this dog?

If you know the whereabouts of any of these dogs (other than Rams Say Goodbye– we know where she is and Zoomn Suzy who also is adopted)…please let me know.

Another problem with this track is that dogs are raced too frequently with not enough rest in between races and schooling.

From the Saving Greys blog:

This is certainly not the case at Tucson Greyhound Park, where on average 24 greyhounds race every single day on only two days of rest. This is a dangerous practice that is potentially harmful to dogs, and must end. It is also another another example of the Tucson track’s disastrous record on humane issues.

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  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. Hello,

    im the owner of Rosemary Rumble and Rockwell Rumble is the brother of my dog and there was a comment about Rockwell Rumble being missing. I cant speak about the other dogs but im 100% sure Rockwell went to adoption.Mary Gray and her crew do take very good care of the dogs, i wouldnt keep my dog in her kennel if it was treated bad. I support Grey2k in some cases, but please understand all people at tgp are not bad we are all the same we both love the greyhounds!