Dear Mark Cuban

Dear Mark Cuban

It’s come to my attention that you and along with Skechers intend to promote the cruel “sport” of greyhound racing in an ad spot on Super Bowl Sunday.

Have you done any homework or research about greyhound racing cruelty?

No? I didn’t think so. Are you related to Michael Vick?

Otherwise you would know in the state of Texas where the Dallas Mavericks hang, that according to records obtained from the Texas Racing Commission — 1,351 greyhound injuries were reported at Gulf Greyhound Park between January 2008 and August 4, 2011.

During this same period, 49 greyhounds died or were euthanized.  Read the report. Educate yourself.

The most commonly reported injury was a broken leg. Other reported injuries include torn muscles, puncture wounds, lacerations, dislocations, sprains, paralysis and a fractured skull.

What happens when a basketball player breaks his leg? Is he euthanized? No. Why not?

That’s what happens to many greyhounds. They don’t have a voice; they have greedy owners and kennel operators who if their dogs break their legs or pull up or collide – they are no longer money makers.

Greyhound racing is in the same bloody ballpark as dog fighting. They don’t call it a blood sport for nothing. Dogs die. They die while racing for their lives.

Along with Skechers, your name and your brand the Dallas Mavericks will be forever associated with animal  cruelty. You lose.

Boycott Skechers

One Response to “Dear Mark Cuban”

  1. Mark Cuban,

    A way you can continue to generate revenue, not lose jobs, while still doing the right & humane thing for greyhounds is, close down greyhound racing and convert the tracks into a casino. Rehire all workers who would lose jobs from the tracks to work in the casino while not contributing to the repulsive cruelty that greyhound racing condones. You are a very respected business man and a prominent voice that can really make a change. Please consider the alternatives.