greyhound racing – another year of animal cruelty

Another year passed and more injured and dead greyhounds racing for their lives.

While there has been good news for some greyhounds, many continue to race in Tucson well past their prime.

For instance, let’s start with:

AK’s Toureg who has raced 216 races and CDC Make Me Stop has raced 220 races.

How many more times do these dogs have to race before they break a leg or a hock or collide or have a heart attack?

Their moneymaking days are over.

Here are the people who are squeezing every last drop of blood out of these poor dogs:

AK’s Toureg – kennel  – Cliff Hale – owned by Stephen Valletta

CDC Make me Stop – kennel – Willard Eyler  – owned by Debra Chitwood

Are there no racing statutes or rules to protect these dogs?  Let’s kick the Arizona Department of Racing to the curb and combine it with the Dept. of Gaming for all the good it does these dogs.

Here’s a sad story – (as seen on Facebook) a dog that left Tucson dog track who was on the way to his forever home / adoption group was found to have osteosarcoma…advanced osteo. End of story. He raced until he died of bone cancer.

Why is it that only racing greyhounds get osteosarcoma and not their AKC counter parts? Why? I’ll tell you why…because of the inbreeding. Bad blood and bad genes repeat itself over and over. That sounds stupid to me but hey, well, let’s leave sleeping dogs lie.

But enough crap about the racing industry. It stinks. And always will.

I want to thank the rescue groups who help clean up the mess left by the racing industry. It is the adoption groups who fix the broken leg dogs (some of the adoption groups fix broken leg dogs; other adoption groups don’t or won’t). Adoption groups fund all the meds & veterinarian fees needed to give these so-deserving dogs another chance at a life they so rightly deserve.

And in Florida where there are 13 damn dog tracks,  dogs were given termite insecticide as a flea treatment in Dayton Beach. Can you imagine? If pesticides were supposed to be used for fleas, don’t you think the rest of us would be using it? According to this article an employee reported it but got fired for his concern and earlier, “”It’s an industry standard,” Francati said. “A lot of kennels use the Termidor product because it’s cheaper and gives dogs less chemicals.”

An industry standard. Wow!

Like giving the dogs RAW 4D meat.  It’s cheaper.  That’s how much these bleeding heart kennel operators love their dogs – dousing them with pesticides and feeding them raw road kill.

These dogs are vehicles to make $$$ and nothing more. I told you the racing industry stinks.

For the top 10 greyhound stories for 2011, view this.

I am blessed to be surrounded by my two retired racing greyhounds (whose racing names are ancient history) plus a visiting greyhound. When I look into their eyes and they put their sweet faces in my lap for trusting pets – I know that they are the lucky ones and I cry for those who are not.

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  1. so is the story about the sketchers ad true for the superbowl? They are using grewyhounds and using arizona as the background There is a petition to stop itand I wanted to confirm the information that the petition is about. I appreciate your time and information. I agree that greyhound racing and any animal used for sport is wrong. I have three cats that were all abandoned and were rescued. I especially like all the links the you have posted for places to go to research and or donate to help out. You are very thorough and passionate, I sorry I haven’t found this page sooner.

  2. Yes this is true. I don’t know if the ad will demonstrate which track it is but yes the commercial was filmed in Tucson, an end of the line track.

    Here’s a blog post that I did about Skechers earlier.

    Thanks for rescuing cats

    Hope you come back again. We appreciate educated viewers and people who ask the right questions.

    for the dogs!