Greyhound racing: 2 dogs injured in 2008 still racing-Tucson

This makes me want to puke. This reaches into the core of what is the most despicable about greyhound racing.

Here are two greyhounds who were injured in 2008 according to the industry injury report and they are STILL racing at Tucson dog track.

CDC Make Me Stop
She last raced on Dec 10, 2011 – That was her 216th race

She turned 5 years old in October.

Kennel:  Will Eyler            Owner:  Debra Chitwood

Make her stop already! Who’s at fault here? Will Eyler or the dog’s owner Debra Chitwood? Or perhaps the Arizona Department of Racing?

Why are there no standards for how long a dog can race?

What is Tucson dog track – a third world country?


AK’s Toureg
She last raced on Dec 8, 2011 –That was her 211th race

She will turn 6 5 years old next month!!!

In addition to having an injury in 2008, Toureg fell in the homestretch and finished out of the photo on Feb 6, 2010.

Since that time she has run 133 races. Toureg runs the short races because she cannot make it around the entire track. Yes, they have short races for the dogs who cannot make it around the entire track. Yes, they squeeze the last drop of life out of these dogs so somebody can make some money.

Kennel:  Cliff Hale        Owner:  Stephen Valletta

The same owner, Valetta, previously had a dog named AK’s Fruitcake who raced 326 times.

These greyhounds deserve better. All dogs deserve better than life at the track especially here in Tucson. Toureg needs to retire immediately to a soft bed and a couch not to a breeding farm.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of what conditions are really like at Tucson dog track. It ain’t no Taj Mahal.

Also,why doesn’t Arizona Department of Racing monitor the dogs’ ages or number of races . .  it’s not like Arizona Department of Racing or the State of Arizona is making any tax revenues on these dogs’ winnings.  Can you believe it? The state agency Arizona Department of Racing is still being subsidized by you and me, Joe and Jane tax payer. With all the wagering and betting, the dog track has a hardship tax credit and has since 1995. What other businesses don’t pay taxes to the state on its earnings?

One Response to “Greyhound racing: 2 dogs injured in 2008 still racing-Tucson”

  1. Karyn, it’s rare that there’s a type in your blogs, but I think you meant that AK’s Toureg will turn 5 in January. Still, many too many races for this greyhound.

    I hope this dog and the other dog you mention, CDC Make Me Stop, make it to good homes soon.

    We know industry people try to claim they love their dogs but they’re still gladly sucking another nickel off these two dogs.